Egnyte Integrations Cook Book


Welcome to our cookbook, the best place to start when preparing to build an integration.

This book is intentionally kept short and full of external links. The purpose of short recipes is to limit the scope of documentation you read to get your project off the ground.

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Table of contents

Getting Started
API examples Postman collection
Basic recipes
UI Integration Invocation
App Settings screen for users
Requests throttling / QPS
API based integrations
User provisioning
Reactive integration with Events API
Egnyte in your UIs
Embedded UI
External Storage Provider
Share a link to file
Integrations with Egnyte UIs
Quick context menu action
Editor for certain file types
Elaborate context menu action

How does it work?

This cookbook contains recipes for various types of integrations. Every recipe follows the same format:

Some integration recipes also refer to basic recipes with more detailed descriptions of common pre-requisites to implementing an integration (like getting a developer account and going through OAuth2)


Q: Why doesn't this cookbook have photos of tasty recipe results? Cookbooks always have those!

A: Great idea. Follow this link for an explanation why they are not there yet: here